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Types Of Audio Systems We Install/ Service

   70/100v Public Address System:

A 70/100v sound system is a type of audio system commonly used in commercial, industrial, and public spaces where multiple speakers are needed to cover a large area. This type of sound system can be more complex to install than a traditional low-voltage system, but it offers several advantages, such as the ability to cover large areas with a single amplifier,looses less power loss over longer distances, and the ability to add or remove speakers easily without affecting the overall system impedance. It is commonly used in spaces such as shopping malls, airports, flea markets, warehouses and convention centers..

 Surround Sound: 

Traditional Surround Sound Format:

Dolby Digital:
    A 5.1 format that separated itself from its predecessor (Dolby Pro-Logic) by separating the two rear channels adding a more diverse, dynamic experience for the viewer, this seemed to set the stage moving forward

Dolby EX/ DTS ES:
    Both 6.1 formats, the more speakers were added the more realistic and more deep the sound became, hence, today's systems and processing have, in some cases, double the amount of speakers.

Some of the popular surround sound formats are:

Dolby Atmos:

Has become one of the most popular surround sound formats in recent years, especially in movie theaters and home theaters.   It adds height channels to traditional surround sound setups, allowing for a more immersive and realistic audio experience.


Another object-based surround sound format that competes with Dolby Atmos. Like Dolby Atmos, it allows sound designers to place sounds in a three-dimensional space and create a more immersive audio experience.

  Dolby TrueHD:

A high-definition audio format that supports up to 7.1 channels of surround sound. It is commonly used for Blu-ray discs and streaming services that support high-quality audio.

    DTS-HD Master Audio: 

 Up to 7.1 channels of surround sound. It is also commonly used for Blu-ray discs and streaming services that support high-quality audio.

There Soo Many More Systems and Formats, Contact Us to see what will work for you



One Of Our Recent Projects

Orb Audio speakers installed with subwoofers recessed in tile.

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