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Cell Phone Signal Boosting

How Your Phone Conversations Start...
...After The 3rd Time Of "What Did You Say?? You're Fading Out!"

     Cellular data transmission similar to WiFi can be effected by many factors, but unlike Wi-Fi, impedance to your cell phones signal can occur outside of the house, things like temperature and barometric pressure (related to humidity but is the pressure on the atmosphere causing the clouds to condensate or rain) along with other obstacles like location. In most cases it's the building materials of your home or office that are causing the actual crippling of your cell phone reception.

     In recent projects, bricks and stone can be two major wireless signal haters. Other materials like plaster, drywall and wood provide impedance but may not totally gobble -up all of your "bars". Being that the intangible waves known as data transmission that carry your phone conversation from point to point are a form of magnetism, therefore making ferrous metals (metals containing iron) the biggest killer of signal strength.
With this being said it can be rather daunting in the setting of a home as a consumer to figure out what products work best, extenders, boosters, access points, antennas, Apple, Droid, blah-blah-blah!

Luckily for you over the years we've made all of the mistakes so don't have to, just click the button below to get a consultation curtailed to your specific situation.

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