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Types Of Wireless Networks

   Personal Area Network (PAN):

This Platform is used for communication between devices located in close proximity, typically within a range of 10 meters or less. Examples include Bluetooth and infrared. Bluetooth is rather popular we use it with items from transferring pictures to our laptops, or streaming our music playlist to the car stereo. On the other hand Infrared can be found on rather inexpensive remote control toys.

 Local Area Network (LAN) : 

A LAN Network is used to connect devices within a small area, such as a home, office, or school. Wi-Fi is a common example of a wireless LAN, in fact Wi-Fi originates from a LAN via an Access Point, a device which enables wireless access to a network, often used in Mesh Networks.


  Wide Area Network (WAN):

These type of networks span a large geographical area and connects multiple LANs and MANs. Cellular networks, satellite networks, and microwave networks are examples of WANs. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Such as Verizon Fios, Comcast/ Xfinity, RCN and Service Electric are Wide Area Networks as their Fiber Optic & Coaxial cabling ran through A metropolitan.

  While there are many sub-catergories these are the basic wireless networking types at least for the services we offer.

One Of Our Recent Projects

Installing a wireless network to connect the multiple buildings in this apartment complex. This network will allow the installation of a camera system as well as internet access to the far buildings.

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